Here Are The Four Places Most Likely To Leak Transmission Fluid

Leaking transmission fluid will interfere with your car's transmission processes, increase the rate of wear and tear of the transmission system parts, and cause the transmission system to overheat. This means you should always be on the lookout for leaking transmission fluid. Here are some of the common parts of the transmission system most likely to cause transmission fluid leaks.

The Transmission Pan

The transmission pan acts as a reservoir for holding the transmission fluid. It is located under the car in the lowest part of the transmission system. The fluid flows out of the pan when it is required in different parts of the transmission and then back to the pan for holding. This means damage to the pan can easily cause the transmission fluid to leak. Some of the things that can make the transmission fluid leak out of the pan include:

  • Rust or corrosion damage
  • Missing transmission pan bolts
  • Accidental pan damage

The Transmission Lines

The auto transmission line connects the transmission system to the radiator. The transmission line is typically made from metal or a metal-rubber composite. The lines provide the channels through which transmission fluid flows to the radiator so that it can be cooled. As such, any damage that punctures the transmission lines can cause transmission fluid to leak. Common causes of damage to the transmission lines include auto collisions and impact from road debris; an uncommon but possible cause of damage is overheating of the car.

The Torque Converter

In an auto transmission engine, the torque converter disconnects power from the engine to the wheels without involving the gears. The torque converter is to the auto transmission system what the clutch system is to the manual transmission system. It is the torque converter that allows your car to come to a stop when the engine is still running. The torque converter relies on the transmission fluid for its operation, which means damage to the torque converter can allow the transmission fluid to leak.

The Transmission Seals

Lastly, your transmission fluid may also leak due to damaged transmission seals. The transmission seals are used to seal joints or connections between different parts of the transmission system and make them fluid-tight, so to speak. This means cracks or frays on the seals can cause the transmission fluid to leak, and the frays and cracks can be caused by different issues such as overheating, normal wear, or use of low-quality seals.

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