Need Auto Glass Replacement? Here’s What You Should Know!

If your car has glass damage, you might be on the hunt for auto glass replacement services. Before you schedule your service, however, there are some things you should know about the process and what to expect. Not All Damage Calls for Total Replacement First and foremost, understand that just because your car's windshield is cracked or the glass is chipped, this doesn't always mean you'll need to have the glass totally replaced. Read More 

2 Ways to Get Rid of an Old Car

If you have an older car that you are wanting to get rid of, there are a variety of ways that you can do it. Which one you choose depends on you and your situation and your needs. So, what are your options? Donation One thing that you can do is donate your old car. You can donate it to charities or to places like your local public broadcasting station. They are able to accept the cars that are donated, fix them up, and sell them, or they can provide them to their target population. Read More 

Here Are The Four Places Most Likely To Leak Transmission Fluid

Leaking transmission fluid will interfere with your car's transmission processes, increase the rate of wear and tear of the transmission system parts, and cause the transmission system to overheat. This means you should always be on the lookout for leaking transmission fluid. Here are some of the common parts of the transmission system most likely to cause transmission fluid leaks. The Transmission Pan The transmission pan acts as a reservoir for holding the transmission fluid. Read More